Saturday, November 27, 2010

Seek an Adviser. Not an Agent.

If you are planning to transact through a third person, make sure he possess the qualities of an adviser but not of an agent. Sounds confusing? Well, lets see what makes the difference.

  • Agent tries to convince. He may convince you to compromise with your preferences and bend you towards the property.
  • Adviser concerns. Concerns about you, your money and your investment. He tries to blend your requirements with the property.
  • Agent looks at you as a reward - one time reward for making you compromise.
  • Adviser looks at you as a resource - resource which generates more sales by making you satisfied.
  • If you are dealing with a company agent, he may act partial towards the company. But an adviser always acts partial towards you.
  • An agent finds you as a business but an adviser finds you as a relation.
  • Sometimes adviser seems costlier than agent due to the value he gives to your transaction. After all, quality does matter.
  • Finally, remember that all advisers can act as agents but not all agents can act as advisers.
Now understood what makes sense in choosing a mediator? So, always go for an Adviser but not an Agent.

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