Saturday, September 1, 2007

Choosing Right Property in Right Time at Any Place !

Often many people complain “My elders/ancestors had opportunity to buy that property for a cheap price. But they didn’t show interest just because they felt that place was far away from the town and was a waste thing to buy. Otherwise by this time I could be a millionaire as that is a prominent place in the city now.”

On one side what they say is true. Many potential buyers show interest only on property whose value increase in short span of time or which is not located at remote (not near to prime locality) places. On the other side, people who acted with foresight and procured property which was till then called as ‘waste land’ are enjoying its value now.

Any Real Estate Professional will tell you that one of the hardest parts of the investment decision is selecting right place to invest. While most of the realtors look at cities and metros, the concern is about the growth rate of the property in established cities with that of ‘cities in making’. With lot of places to choose from, you have to make yours selection stand out. The best way to maximize net worth of your property value is by riding the back of upcoming towns and cities rather than more established concrete jungles.

Owning a property (plot, flat, land or house) is always valuable, whether it is in center of a city or border a of village. The thing is - today’s remote places are tomorrow’s prominent places.
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